Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a denture?
In as little as 2-3 weeks you can be home with your new dentures!
What if I get sore spots?
With new dentures it is normal to get a few tender spots within the first 4-5 days. Dentures that are causing sore spots past day 5 should be adjusted in the office. This is always a free appointment as part of the ongoing service.
Will I like the look of my dentures?
Yes you will!
Before we complete your dentures you try on a temporary wax denture that will be exactly the same as the permanent one. This will ensure you are happy with the colour and appearance.
Do I need a referral?
No referral needed. Call to book an appointment, it's that easy.
Can I take advantage of dental insurance at your office?
Yes, for a small fee we will call your insurance company for preauthorization. If you decided to have the work completed at our office we will apply the insurance fee toward the balance of your dentures.
What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a support made of titanium, basically a permanent fixture in the mouth. Dental implant placements are completed by a Dental Surgeon.